About Us.

Hi, I'm Becky! 

The face behind pretty prairie strings. Although this is "my business" I get lots of help and support from my family. My husband Jon helps with a lot of behind the scenes things like installing all my snaps & rivets, etc. and supporting me with all my decisions. we have 3 daughters that pretty well need one (at least) of everything I make. which I suppose makes them my biggest advertisers.

This business started with a love of crochet, I used to crochet hats & scarves but after about a year I learned how to sew. This business is more than just to help my family financially, sewing gives me an outlet, its something I can do to refocus my mind and helps give me a sense of calm & relaxation. 

I also work part-time at Thead Count Fabrics located home town out here on the prairies. I absolutely love my job at the fabric store just as much as I enjoy sewing. Not only do I get access to all kinds of amazing, high quality fabrics, I also get a little bit of a break from our house & I have met so many great people in our community <3. 

My husband and I are both born & raised in Ontario but we moved out to the prairies in 2015 and we love the life we have built out here together. 

we appreciate all of the love & support from each and everyone of you! xoxo